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April 16, 2007



I'll surely be praying for you....and, I do understand.

I think hurts from Christians are the very worst. I expect them to *know better* and then to realize that they *did know better* and still decided to do a painful or hurtful thing really cuts deep.

I don't feel isolation is the answer, but I do understand the desire. I'll be praying for God's grace to be bountifully given to you and that you are comforted by His loving arms through this.


Perhaps you need to stop reading in James.
Now...who would benefit from you doing that? Hmmm.

Becoming an isolationist has worked well for me.
I have two friends here on our block. They are a married couple that live three houses up the block to our left.
That's about all the relationships I can deal with at one time when it comes to how many close friendships I have.

I could talk with you about this area of life for a few days but if we were to do that, you probably wouldn't be my friend any longer. Thus...limiting the contact I have with other Christians.

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