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July 10, 2010



Oh my gosh! What a surprise--and more so that you don't know where you'll be living. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventure. Think of it like that--a great adventure. May God watch over you during this process and bless you richly wherever you end up.


In the same boat, but, I know where I am going, just don't have the house we are currently in sold. And, I just started a part time job as the only waitress in a small bistro, rough days. And, school will be back in session in 4.5 weeks. And, we are back out of town, for the 3rd time this summer, in 2 weeks. And, I told the PTA I would be all kinds of help this year with back to school activities!! What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking I would be moving, that's for sure. I am learning to trust God that our house will sell soon. Working on trust there. Is there something to be learned from this for you? Besides how crazy you can get?

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