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July 31, 2010



I have comments... so I shall post :)

Space bags... not my favorite because they don't always work. I found my vacuum hose isn't large enough to completely cover the thingy it's supposed to cover to suck the air out, so I try to put my hand around it to help. Doesn't work very well...

I'm baffled that you're moving and don't know where. You're a brave woman! Are you selling your current home or renting it? I get it about leaving behind all the plants so lovingly given to you. Take lots of pictures, and tell the people coming into the house the history of your precious plants and tree. If you are gone before people start coming through, leave behind a binder with photos of the special plantings and their history.

Wii--I've heard about the Wii Fit. Good to know it's a good workout. I might think about that...

You will be okay. Hang in there, friend.

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