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June 02, 2004



That sounds like so much fun. It seems these days, the schools take themselves way too seriously. Not enough fun. Thank you for sharing. :)


We are HUGE fans of Pigs in Space....anything with Miss Piggy just cracks me up! Loved this post, it shows me how incredibly creative you are!

:) Nicole

Cute story! Loved it, and after getting to know you through the blog, I can definitely "see it". Got a question for you: Would you be interested in being my maternity sub? You have seen the kids. You would probably have to begin spring semester. We were approved for new texts, and I would be teaching out of them for the first time. I saw how good you were with curriculum. You could put together an AWESOME class. My class load so far is really small. I would not worry about the kids if I had someone there whom I trusted. :) Mull it over...Mwa-ha-ha...

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